SSFA needs to address the rising indiscipline in football  

SSFA needs to address the rising indiscipline in football  
Rowdy football fans caused untold amount of destruction at the Martyr Peace Tournament in a final match between Pibor and Aweil North.

On Monday, a fight broke out between players of Cueibet and Rumbek East during the Lakes State tournament semifinals at Buluk Playground in Juba.

According to several sources, the fight broke out after Rumbek East scored an own goal.

The Cueibet fans were allegedly attacked by their Rumbek East fans as they celebrated the own goal.

But this was the second time that fighting had broken out during a football match on the same field in less than a month

Just less than three weeks ago, a football match between Aweil North and Pibor was interrupted after Pibor scored a match-winning goal in the stoppage minute of the game.

The clash broke out after the Pibor team scored the winning goal in the 90th minute of a football game between Aweil North and Pibor. Aweil North fans stormed the pitch and went on a rampage, breaking chairs.

The Aweil North Football Club was later fined by the organizing committee of the tournament.

However, this continued fighting during football is posing a great challenge to the South Sudan Football Association. There seems to be confusion on how to deal with this old practice of fighting in the pitch.

Gone are the days that players and fans would clash on the pitch after losing focus on the principles of the game.

Today, football has become one of the most disciplined sports in the world. However, it is important for the SSFA to ensure both fans and players keep discipline during and after the game.  Serious action must be taken against any club that allows its players or fans to misbehave during a game.  Through this, we can instill discipline in the football.

This issue of fighting or storming the pitch with the intention to hurt must be addressed before it becomes a habit in the country. 

The world football governing body, FIFA does not tolerate cases of indiscipline, and SSFA must also do the same.

Sports is known for promoting peace and love, not violence that we have so far witnessed.  As such, we must live up to those core values if we are to play in the international level without facing unnecessary charges. The SSFA still has a lot of work to promote discipline in football.