SPLM receives motorcycles for Lakes State activities

SPLM receives motorcycles for Lakes State activities

A picture showing the motorcycles donated by SPLM diehard, Kawaja Kau. [Photo: courtesy]

A senior member of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), Kawaja Kau, donated at least 11 motorcycles to Rumbek Central County to enhance mobilisation.

According to the statement obtained by The City Review, Kau, who is a member of the SPLM National Liberation Council, said the bikes would help to ease coordination between the party and the county.

He donated while witnessing the swearing-in of members in Rumbek Central.

The ceremony marked an important moment for the party as new members officially took over their roles within the party.

“During the ceremony, Cde Kawaja Kau Madol made a notable contribution to the Rumbek Central County SPLM leadership by handing over 11 motorbikes,” the statement partly read.

In his statement, he stressed that Rumbek Central County holds significant political importance for him, referring to it as his “political umbilical cord.” 

He added that the act is a symbolic gesture that underscores his dedication to supporting the SPLM in his local area.

“It is essential to highlight that these motorbikes are considered properties of the SPLM, and they were not donated to individuals but rather intended for official party use,” he said.

Kau noted the importance of proper management and accountability, adding that the SPLM State Secretariat would closely monitor the usage of the motorbikes.

Early this year, the Lakes State Governor, also the chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party in Lakes State, inaugurated a youth-to-youth engagement training.

Speaking at the event, Governor Rin Tueny Mabor highlighted the achievements of the SPLM party since 2005 and the need for continued service delivery to the people.

“We have made significant progress since 2005, but our people require more. It is the responsibility of the youth to ensure the delivery of services. That is why we are heading towards the general election so that we can elect leaders who are committed to serving our people,” Governor Mabor stated.

He further explained that the SPLM party has chosen President Salva Kiir as its flag bearer because he embodies the leadership qualities they have sought since 1983.