SPLM official appeals to Kuol to transform market

SPLM official appeals to Kuol to transform market

The SPLM Secretary for Planning and Economic Affairs, Jackeline Nyibol, urged the new Minister of Trade and Industry, William Kuol, to transform South Sudan’s markets.  

Nyibol, who spoke during the reception ceremony of the new minister, argued that the country’s market as it is looks like a “foreign market” due to the nature of products that are predominantly imported.

“Our markets don’t look national; they look foreign markets,” she observed.

She pointed out that the country’s market is not favouring local products.

She underlined the importance of promoting public-private sector dialogue in ministries so that when contracts are available, they can be given to South Sudanese.

She appealed to the minister to give all the contracts to South Sudanese, as she alleged that foreigners take the contracts and later take money to their countries without using them in South Sudan

“Give it (contract) to the South Sudanese even if he goes to get married to 10 wives. These wives are South Sudanese.  So, this is not a problem.”

She emphasised that there is a need to empower young people who have the energy to contribute to economic growth.

According to Nyibol, there is an alarming trend where many South Sudanese youth with companies are missing out on lucrative opportunities that are supposed to benefit them.

During his reception, Kuol promised to work together with other government institutions to transform the economy of South Sudan through prudent revenue collection and sealing off corruption loopholes.

Kuol was appointed to the docket in light of the recent changes made by President Salva Kiir.