SPLM members cry out for political space after Fangak blame game

SPLM members cry out for political space after Fangak blame game
SPLM members upon arriving from Malakal after they were allegedly chased by the youth in Fangak County. [Jenifer James, The City Review]

The secretary of the SPLM high-level delegation to Fangak County, William Nyuon Kur, appealed to the national government to provide equal political space to all the political parties in the country.

Speaking to the media upon arriving at Juba International Airport from Fangak on Wednesday, Kur alleged that the SPLM delegation under the leadership of Nyaboth Mabor had been subjected to hostile treatment by the suspected county leadership.

He said the peace mission terribly failed due to the violation of the agreement through interference with the political space.

Kur said SPLM members faced hurdles while on the peace trip mobilisation in Fangak, he claimed they were given 24 hours ultimatum to leave the county.

“We need the space where the political parties will exercise their activities without threats in all the parts of South Sudan,” he said.

“It was on the sixth of this month when we were given 24 hours to leave Fangak County, and we agreed with the youth and left before the 24 hours expired.”

Kur said our compound was locked, and at the same time, the suspected youth had to howl stones at our compound and throw fireballs inside the fence.

However, the chairperson of the SPLM-IO in Jonglei State, Amer Alier, had defended the area leadership, specifically the county commissioner, against accusations of conspiring with the youth to eject the delegates.