SPLM launches campaign in Nasir, Cueibet counties

SPLM launches campaign in Nasir, Cueibet counties

The Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) Youth League in Lakes State has embarked on a grass-roots campaign in Cueibet County of Lakes State and Nasir County of Upper Nile State with the hope of acquiring more membership.

While on a political tour over the weekend, Secretary General of SPLM Peter Lam Both launched a political campaign in Nasir in Upper Nile State, in a move to strengthen mobilization in the area.

“Lam Both travel to Nasir for Inter Counties SPLM Political Mobilization,” said the SPLM members who spoke on condition of anonymity.

On the other hand, the SPLM Youth League also organized a political campaign in Cueibet County with the hope of strengthening grass-roots membership for the SPLM party.

Marial Abraham Makur, the Chairperson of SPLM Youth League in Lakes State, said that visit was to create awareness about the upcoming election.

“Our campaign today is aimed at creating awareness among the public about the process of implementation of the peace agreement and the need to prepare for the upcoming election,” Marial said.

He said most people continue to acknowledge the role played by the SPLM party during the liberation and its current commitment to the peace agreement.

He expressed that the SPLM Youth League in Lakes State has organized the SPLM Youth Wing in various parts of the state to ensure victory for the party in the upcoming election.

Marial said there was a need for all the SPLM members to fight corruption to protect the country that they liberated.

“Liberating our country is not enough unless we liberate our people from the vicious circle of poverty, hunger, tribalism, illiteracy, and corruption,” he said  

He encouraged them to take the lead in developing the country by actively involving themselves in income generating activities.

He emphasized the need for youth to actively take part in improving the education system in the counties by taking up teaching regardless of low pay, adding that the government is working hard to fix the issue of low salaries in the education sector.

Marial called on the people of Lakes State to rally behind the administration of the governor to maintain peace in the state.