SPLM-IO rues incomplete state-level power- sharing

SPLM-IO rues incomplete state-level power- sharing
SPLM/IO youth league chairperson in Eastern Equatoria state, Visor Likali Olum. [Photo: courtesy]

The Chairperson of SPLM-IO Youth League in Eastern Equatoria State, Likali Olum, decried the challenges of the power-sharing arrangement at the state level arguing it is incomplete.   

He said apart from the Central Equatoria State, nine of the states do not have councilors.

Olum who addressed the gathering during the SPLM-IO state leadership training in Juba on Saturday said the vacuum left by the lack of the councilors is complicating the work of the state commissioners.

“We as IO are pushing that let us work it out before we reach the election. We should reach the election with complete system that will save and guide the process of election,” he said.

However, he stated that the SPLM-IO have no problem with conducting election in the coming year but the security arrangement needs to be implemented so that the election process shall be protected.

“We are not saying there is no election, but for that election to materialise, we need security guarantee,” Olum said.

 “Minus security arrangement, the election conduct itself will not be saved, we need security arrangement in place.”

tHe recapped the training saying he had learnt a lot about how the country could function as a federal and democratic state, and how the party can accommodate a multi-party system.

He said they also learnt about how the country can use its resources for the people of South Sudan and not centralize them.

 “This training was really very important, from here we will go down to the state levels so that we train our carders properly because we need a party that is beneficial to the people.”

Regina Joseph, the SPLM-IO secretary-general, called on the state leaders to implement the knowledge acquired than keeping it in their houses.

“Go and start the carders schools in the states. When we come to do the training in the states, we expect the schools to operate in all the 10 states,” Regina said.

She noted that the three administrative areas are not active due to the lack of power-sharing but she urged the chairpersons in those areas to start being active.

“All these administrative areas let them start to activate their work at the level of the capital here.”  

Rebecca Kur, one of the participants said, “Now, I know my code of conduct, the manifesto and the constitution because you can’t operate without knowing the basic documents.”

She said, “As a woman, I will go back to my state and preach peace, love and unity. We want the election to be conducted so that our people who are outside the country can come back to South Sudan.”