SPLM-IO dissatisfied by NEC overhaul, writes to Kiir

SPLM-IO dissatisfied by NEC overhaul, writes to Kiir

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition/Army (SPLM/A-IO) wrote an official letter to President Salva Kiir and peace monitors expressing dissatisfaction over the reconstitution of the National Elections Commission.

President Salva Kiir recently reconstituted the National Elections Commission, the National Constitutional Review Commission, and the Political Parties Council in preparation for the election.

The SPLM-IO cagily expressed reservations about some appointments.

In an exclusive interview with The City Review on Thursday, the Press Secretary in the Office of the First Vice President, Puok Baluang, revealed that SPLM-IO had launched an official complaint and was looking forward to amicable solutions.

“We wrote officially to the President (Salva Kiir) and copied Elia Lomuro as chair of the committee on the implementation of the road map,” Baluang said.   

He added that SPLM-IO had also extended to the peace monitors seeking their intervention.

“We have copied the IGAD special envoy to South Sudan, Wais, and Wais, the interim chairperson for RJMEC, Charles Gituai,” he said.

He said the SPLM-IO was demanding the position of Chief Electoral Officer and that some members be put in their rightful places, as was recommended by the party.

Baluang maintained that there was a violation in the appointment of members to the reconstituted National Elections Commission.

Besides these letters, which he said were submitted on November 20, 2023, the two principles President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Riek Machar are in discussion to ensure that the issues are resolved.

A nine-member Reconstituted National Elections Commission is headed by Prof. Abednego Akok, who is from SPLM-IG, and deputized by Michael Nyabagayo, from the South Sudan Opposition Alliance [SSOA].

Also, Mark Michael Deng, a civil servant, was appointed as Chief Electoral Officer, a position SPLM-IO claims are theirs as agreed by the parties.