SPLM-IG vows to isolate independent candidates in EALA elections

SPLM-IG vows to isolate independent candidates in EALA elections
A session at EALA Parliament.

The ruling party –SPLM-IG has threatened to take disciplinary action against any member who will vote for an independent candidate in tomorrow’s EALA election.

South Sudan is set to pick nine representatives for the EALA Assembly, a race that has attracted 15 independent candidates.

With lobbying ongoing in the house, the ruling party said that they want to isolate those members who have not openly disclosed any political affiliation.

“Any member of TNLA, especially the SPLM-IG that will vote for any independent candidate will face SPLM party disciplinary [action], the SPLM-IG national Secretary for Political Affairs, Organization and Mobilization, Kuol Atem Bol said in a statement.

SPLM IG has five slots, two for SPLM-IO, and one reserved for SSOA and OPP respectively.

“In order to isolate independent candidates, all the four Chief Whips that are partners to Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) must consult and coordinate with each other and ensure that all the members to TNLA must vote for nine nominated candidates only.

“No member of the TNLA from the partners is allowed to vote for any independent candidates,” added Bol in a letter to Government Chief Whip, Rebecca Okwaci.

Bol added that all the four Chief Whips should come up with one unified list [of the nine] nominated candidates to EALA and share it among the members of TNLA to avoid inconvenience and ease the voting process.