SPLM holds membership drive in Magwi

SPLM holds membership drive in Magwi
SPLM members waving flags.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party on Tuesday launched a registration drive for new members through the issuance of ID cards in Magwi County.

The launch which attracted hundreds of supporters was graced by the Eastern Equatoria State SPLM Secretary-General, German Charles Ojok.

It was the first ever registration in the county since violence broke out in December 2013.

Speaking during the launch Ojok urged the members to pursue unity, peace and equality in the country

He said the SPLM party has not completed its liberation and has a big responsibility to liberate the population from corruption, tribalism, poverty and illiteracy.

He described these as one of the ‘‘six killer diseases.’’

“This registration has a very big meaning; we need the whole population of Magwi County to be SPLM.”

“The people of this county have a dream…tell others to vote for SPLM during elections to attain their dream,” Ojok said.

He urged full support for the ruling party.

“This is the message you have to tell our people in the village, our people should not be deceived.”

Peter Otim Karlo—the SPLM state chief whip, who hails from the area— claimed the population in Magwi County will stand behind the party. He called on the government to ensure stability for people to live in peace

“The most important thing is the security …we don’t want this peace to be destroyed because we want our children to go to higher institutions,” Otim said

The area commissioner, David Otto Remson, who equally serves as Magwi County SPLM interim chairperson, promised that the party would remain committed to fulfilling promises.

Remson argued that the rate of women supporting the party in his county is higher.

“The program came at the right time. This is the time we have to prepare ourselves, SPLM will never surrender to anybody,” he said.

Joel Mwaka John, a resident of Palwa Payam who joined the queue to register said they were joining the party because they have lots of grievances that they want SPLM to solve for them.

“The roads connecting Magwi to other places are destroyed and bridges are broken,” he lamented.

“After signing the peace agreement, I am sure SPLM will deliver for us,” Mwaka said.

Anyiek Rose John Oling, a resident of Magwi town, said SPLM should stop corruption and deliver services to regain the trust of its citizens.

“We know SPLM party is a mother party and as South Sudanese in Magwi County, we have undergone lots of problems under this party as women our projects have not been supported,” she said.

“We have women groups in agriculture but no support accorded to them and there are those doing small business in the market.”

Ms Rose said there are many educated SPLM women who need the party to support them.

“If they want this party to stand firm and be strong let them support us so that we continue standing with them every time until we die behind them,” she said.