SPLM denies using public money on party activities

SPLM denies using public money on party activities

The South Sudan Public Liberation Movement has denied allegations that it is using public funds to run its political activities.

While addressing journalists on Wednesday, the deputy chairperson of SPLM-IO, Oyet Nathaniel, claimed that the SPLM party had been using public funds to carry out its political activities.

He claimed that most of the party officials have been receiving salaries from the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Oyet argued that SPLM, just like other parties, should not be paid using public money but should generate its own money to run its activities.

“We have credible evidence that SPLM-IG gets paid from the Ministry of Finance,” Oyet said.

He expressed that SPLM, as a party, has no right to use public money that is supposed to be for service delivery for its own political benefits.

“SPLM-IG is a political party, just like any other political party; it is not a government service provider; it is not a company that is contracted by the government to render services, it … has no right to go to the Ministry of Finance to get money that belongs to the citizens of this country; money meant for education, hospitals, and road construction,” he added.

But in his rejoinder, SPLM Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilisation, Santo Malek, denied the allegations by SPLM-IO, terming them mere allegations.

“These are baseless accusations; we have nothing of that kind. SPLM is a giant political party, and we have our own resources,” Santo said.

He said that SPLM is a huge party that can facilitate its own activities and even help others.

Santo said the party has enough to pay staff and conduct rallies whenever they want.

“The collection of subscriptions from members of the party is more than enough to move the party forward; it has nothing to do with all these things,” he said.

He said that President Salva Kiir and the SPLM party are committed to the idea of transparency and proper management of public funds.