SPLM defector forms new party, ready for politics

SPLM defector forms new party, ready for politics
Dr. Jong Anthony Deng Chairperson of Action for Democratic Change (ADC). [photo: courtesy]

A former member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), Dr. Anthony Deng, has formed a new political party, named Action for Democratic Change (ADC).

Dr. Deng served in various capacities in the state leadership. He served as the minister of animal resources and fisheries in the defunct Gogrial State, minister of rural development, water, and cooperatives in the defunct Gogrial State, minister of health and environment in the defunct Gogrial State, and minister of trade and industry in Warrap State in 2021.

He resigned from SPLM in September and expressed his desire to succeed in his new party.

Speaking to The City Review in an exclusive interview, Deng appealed to the public to join his party promising to bring change to the country.

“We call upon all patriotic individuals, civil society organizations, and progressive forces to join us to bring about genuine change and transform our beloved nation into a beacon of democracy, prosperity, and social justice,” he said.

He argued that when South Sudanese unite, they would get the strength to unite and defeat all their challenges.

Deng said challenges such as corruption and the need to deal with the post-conflict challenges were some of the reasons that led him to chart a new political path.

“It is in the spirit of abiding faith in our country and the promise of its unfinished greatness that we come forward today, in total humility and with all sense of responsibility, to solemnly declare the formation of Action for Democratic Change (ADC) as a new vehicle that will take the country forward,” he stated.

He recognized the sacrifices made by SPLA freedom fighters during the struggle for independence and promised to uphold their legacy and ensure their aspirations for a just and equitable society are realised.

“We firmly believe that the resources of our nation should be utilized for the betterment of all citizens rather than being squandered through corrupt practices,” he claimed.

He added that his party stands united against the erosion of democratic principles and the concentration of power among a few individuals.

“We are dedicated to building transparent and accountable institutions that promote the rule of law, protect human rights, and foster a culture of good governance,” he said.

Deng promised that his part would ensure that the lost trust of the citizens in their government was restored.

“Through meaningful dialogue and inclusive decision-making processes, we seek to restore public trust in the government and create an environment conducive to sustainable development,” he said.

Deng promised to kick off the registration of membership with the hope of competing in the next election in 2024.

Last week, President Salva Kiir reconstituted three strong political institutions with election tasks in 2024 including the National Elections Commission, the National Constitutional Review Commission, and the Political Parties Council.

The Political Parties Council would engage the political parties in various activities, such as registration as a process needed as an election requirement.