SPLM consolidates membership with grassroots mobilization

SPLM consolidates membership with grassroots mobilization

Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) has launched a grassroots mobilization program in Lake State.

The SPLM Youth League chairperson, Marial Abraham, was in Yirol East County and hit the ground running as he tried to consolidate the ground by recruiting more youth to the ruling party.

​​Marial called on the youth to remain committed, support the SPLM party, and prevail in peace.

“Our political mobilization is aimed at equipping our members with knowledge and spreading peace to the public. There is a need for everyone to love one another, and we must maintain the current peace we are in,” Marial said.

He said peace can only prevail when there is love among the residents at the grass-roots level, which he said could later extend to the state headquarters in Rumbek.

Marial added that the political mobilization was aimed at creating awareness among citizens about the ongoing peace agreement and the role of every citizen in maintaining peace.

“The government is working hard to create a safe and secured environment for the people and their properties,” he said.

He added that there is a need for a peaceful existence among community members and respect for state customary law and public order.

The rally was attended by the Ciec Manyiel community, all SPLM leaders in Yirol East County, and state government officials.