SPLM/A-IO Kit-Gwang peace delegate dumps armed group

SPLM/A-IO Kit-Gwang peace delegate dumps armed group

A member of SPLM-IO Kit-gwang peace advance team in Juba resigned from the rebel group and opted to remain ‘a normal citizen.’

Col. Omojok Denyong, who is a member of a joint military committee for the integration of Agwelek forces into the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF), officially left the Kit-gwang group, citing personal reasons.

In an interview with The City Review yesterday, Col. Denyong said he had severed ties with the armed groups after doing soul-searching before making the decision.

“I’ve deserted the SPLM-IO Kit-gwang and Agwelek forces. I will just be a citizen of South Sudan,” he said.

Even though Denyong was circumspect about the reasons for his decision to divorce the armed group, other media sources cited frustrations with the Khartoum Peace Agreement signed with the government as sources of discontent among the group.

Sudans Post quoted a senior member of Olony’s group who expressed reservations about the delay in the rollout of the deal but said they “continue to work constructively locally and nationally to serve our citizens in a different way.”

Also in an interview with Sudans Post, a senior member of the group’s advance team in Juba, who requested not to be named, said there has been no progress in the integration of General Johnson Olony’s forces into the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces.

“We came here around this time last year.” “At first, it appeared that we were on the right track for the implementation of the agreement we signed with the government in Khartoum in January 2022, but now it is true that the signing was a different thing and its implementation is a different issue,” he told Sudan Post.

“Now, even the formation of offices to integrate our forces in the Upper Nile and in Jonglei State has not been implemented.

“We don’t see any preparation to indicate that all the parties who signed the agreement are committed to its implementation,” he added.

The senior official further said that their requests to meet the leadership of the National Transitional Committee under presidential advisor on security affairs Tut Gatluak Manimeh have been turned down, as is the case for their requests to meet President Salva Kiir.

Kitgwang leader Gen Simon Gatwech and his ally-turned-foe Gen Johnson Olony signed an agreement with the government for amnesty and integration of forces in 2021.

 However, little has been done since the signing of the peace deal. Gatwech and Olony fell out and were largely involved in clashes in Upper Nile and northern parts of Jonglei State.