SPLA-IO trashes reports alleging Machar supplying RSF with troops

SPLA-IO trashes reports alleging Machar supplying RSF with troops

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO), trashed some media reports alleging that Dr. Riek Machar has supplied RSF with troops to fight the Sudanese army.

The allegations appeared on the Facebook page of Talib Peter, who is the office director of presidential advisor on security affairs Tut Gatluak Manime.

Peter claimed on his social media post that Machar had been supplying troops from the Nuer community in Unity State to RSF leader Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, popularly known as Hemedti.

But in an eexclusive interview with The City Review on Monday, Puok Baluang, Acting Press Secretary in the office of the First Vice President, refuted the accusations terming them “baseless’’, as he reiterated Machar’s commitment to finding possible solutions to the Sudanese war.

“We were aware about the allegations. We received some reports on social media yesterday and we issued a statement but it is in Arabic because we were directing the information to the Sudanese parties.

We have refuted that information and stressed the commitment of the First Vice President to seeking the favourable solution to the Sudanese conflict,” Baluang said.

“His Excellency and the SPLM/A-IO respect the relationship between South Sudan and Sudan and we do not interfere in the internal issues of another country. Therefore, all those allegations we term them as baseless,” he added.

Baluang said such allegations are meant to spoil the reputation of the first vice president.

“We condemn these allegations because we believe they could tarnish the image of the First Vice president and also it is an attempt to ruin his strong relationship with the Sudanese elite whether the military or the political and also the people of Sudan,” he said.

He said Dr. Machar is not meddling in the Sudanese conflict but rather appeals to the two conflicting parties, regional and international community to work hand in hand to put an end to the conflict in the country.

“We would like to also stress that H.E Dr. Machar nor the SPL/MA-IO has involved in the Sudanese conflict and did not give any support to the warring parties in Sudan,” he stated.

“H.E has urged the Sudanese parties to utilise the Jeddah initiative, Republic of South Sudan initiative and other regional and international initiative to bring an end to the conflict in Sudan,” he stressed.

Baluang appealed to South Sudanese and the Sudanese people, regional and international community not to take heed to what he termed as “baseless and false allegations.”

“We are urging our people in South Sudan and the people of Sudan and also the international and regional community not take heed to these baseless allegations and false information,” he stated.