Spiritual leader Gai Machiek resettles in Panyok Payam

Spiritual leader Gai Machiek resettles in Panyok Payam
A photo of unknown Nuer Spiritual leader in Unity State [Photo: Courtesy]

The Minister of Information in Warrap State, William Mayom, said the spiritual leader Gai Machiek departed to Panyok Payam to adhere to President Salva Kiir’s order.

Mayom told The City Review over the phone on Wednesday that Machiek, who had been camping in Ajak Kuac Payam, had relocated to Panyok Payam in the western part of Twic County to avoid further complaints from the two neighbouring communities.  

“The spiritual leader has relocated to Panyok Payam in the western direction of Twic East County. He was in Ajak Kuac in Twic East, and so he relocated to the western part because of the complaints from the neighbouring communities of Abyei, Ngok Dinka and Nuer of Mayom County,” Mayom said.

  He added, “So the directive of President Salva Kiir Mayardit has been implemented.”

Machiek was ordered to relocate after conflict erupted between Ngok Dinka of Abyei and Twic Dinka of Warrap State over border issues, resulting in a terrible conflict.

  The presence of Machiek and some Nuer armed youth in Ajak Kuac Payam in Twic County has exacerbated tensions between the communities, with Ngok Dinka accusing him of involvement in the conflict.

To end the violence, President Kiir issued a decree in January 2024 calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Abyei and Twic Dinka in Warrap State.

Kiir then issued a directive for the expulsion of a Nuer spiritual leader who camped in Warrap State to leave the state and relocate to another state within the Bahr el Ghazal region.

 “The security forces must ensure that Gai Machiek is expelled from the Warrap area in Warrap state or moved to another state of his choice within the Bahr el Ghazal region other than Warrap and Abyei Special Administrative Area,” read the presidential order issued on January 16.

Last week, the Chief of South Sudan People’s Defence Forces, Gen. Santino Deng Wol, led a high-level security delegation to AJak Kuac Payam in Twic County, where they conducted a rally in the area.

According to the Governor’s Press Unit, the delegations were received by Warrap State Governor Kuol Muor, and they all appealed to the community to embrace peace and adhere to the presidential order as the neutral forces are deployed in the border-related areas.       

“The head of security forces urged the Twic Community to cooperate with the forces deployed in the area and allow the free movement of goods and humanitarian aid as neutral forces are deployed in all areas to end the communal violence between the two sisterly communities,” GPU noted, adding that this will allow permanent peace to prevail as per presidential directives issued on January 16, 2024.