South Sudanese stabbed to death in Cairo

South Sudanese stabbed to death in Cairo
An illustration of two men fighting with a knife. [Image, Know Your Meme]

A 19-years-old Sudanese refugee stabbed a South Sudanese man to death in Cairo, the family of the deceased said.

The assailant also stabbed the daughter of the deceased and another unknown person. Both of the victims of the attack have been taken to hospital for treatment.

A representative of the family of the deceased and a social worker in an Egyptian organisation, Ring Mayot Ring, told City Review from Egypt yesterday that the incident happened on Monday.

“The perpetrator crept into the deceased’s room at 2:30 am on Monday and found him sleeping and stabbed him several times in different parts of the neck,” he said.

“The perpetrator also made several stab wounds to the daughter of the late and another young man and fled to an unknown location.”

Ring revealed that the suspect was living together with the deceased.

 “The perpetrator brought the request of the wife of the late who underwent surgery to serve them and live with them in the house after an agreement with the Egyptian organization called Caritas, which takes care of children who do not have a place to live in.”

The offender was suffering from a disease in the upper part of his pelvis, and the family treated him until he fully recovered.

However, Ring said they did not know the motives of the killing as the deceased was treating him like his father.

“In recent days, the perpetrator had become an introvert who sits alone and did not interact with the people in the family.”

Ring appealed to South Sudanese residing in the Arab Republic of Egypt to take legal measures whenever such crimes are committed by informing the Egyptian authorities.