South Sudanese man, 32, enrolls in same school with son

South Sudanese man, 32, enrolls in same school with son
Joel Majok, the 32-year-old- father who recently enrolled for primary education in the same school where his son is schooling. [Photo: Citizen Digital]

A South Sudanese man has joined the same learning institution where his son, who is 24 years younger, also schools.

Joel Majok who lives in Kenya as a refugee has revived his pursuit of formal education by enrolling as a Grade Three pupil.

The 32-year father now schools with his son, an eight-year-old who is just one grand behind his father.

Majok who can’t speak either English or Kiswahili, Kenya’s official language, said that he went back to school, despite his advanced age, to spice up his communication skills and to secure his future.

“I started school because I want a good life for myself and my family,” Majok was quoted by Citizen Digital.

Teachers at Sosiani Primary School in Eldoret were taken aback when Majok accompanied his son, with the parent and son both dressed in the same school uniform, ready to pursue the academic journey together.

Eldoret is Kenya’s fifth largest town synonymous with producing some of the world’s top athletes in the world, most of who take up running to run away from poverty.

Nicholas Kosgei, the school head teacher Majok’s joining the institution will help instil discipline among other pupils who will view Majok as a role model.

“He declined a request to start at class 7 since he would like to understand the basic languages,” Kosgei said.

“He recently decided to join the school and he opted to be part of us. It is good that he joined together with his son, which is quite an encouragement,” Kosgei added.

Education in Kenya is free and all students are expected to fully transition from primary to high school irrespective of their grades in the final exams.