Soldier hauls grenade, kills two people in Udhum Payam

Soldier hauls grenade, kills two people in Udhum Payam

At least two people died, and 33 others were injured after a drunken soldier hauled a hand grenade into a crowd in Kuec-rac hamlet in Marriem, Udhum Payam.

The incident happened on Saturday night during a party that was organised by a group of youth who were celebrating a football victory.

The State Police Spokesperson, Cpt. Guot Guot Akot said the hand grenade was thrown by a wounded soldier identified as Amuk Abut who joined the party and started terrorising the celebrants.

“He threw a hand grenade, if not the mercy of God, the casualties would have been severe. He left with another grenade, but he is being pursued, ” Akol said

Akol said the police had opened an investigation into the incident, and the suspect is being pursued by the police.

Aweil Civil Hospital Director, Wol Wol Akeen, confirmed to The City Review that the hospital had received 24 victims of the incident.

“Yesterday morning we received 24 injured people. Nine [of them] were children, and the rest were adults. Two [of them] passed away,” Akeen said.

“The injuries varied because one of the children was admitted at the MSF site because he had abdominal injuries and was taken for abdominal opening according to the report, and the other three adults had fractures,” he explained.

Akeen added the situation was stable, but two other adults were not in a good condition because of a generator that was destroyed and burned some of the people during the process when the grenade was thrown in the crowd.

According to the director, some victims had been discharged from the hospital in the morning, pending those in severe conditions.

In 2021 in July, a hand grenade belonging to SSPDF personnel exploded, injuring five children. Some children were hospitalised in Aweil East County in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal State.

A state security advisor in Aweil told one of the online news outlets that children were playing with the grenade and thought it was a normal battery.

Although there were no severe injuries, the suspects were arrested after police investigations.