Six arrested over killing of SSPDF soldier

Six arrested over killing of SSPDF soldier

At least six people linked with the death of an SSPDF soldier in Ikwoto County, Eastern Equatoria State have been apprehended.

The late James Lokodong met his death in Imotong village where he had gone to condole with his family following the death of his uncle.

The Commissioner of Ikwoto County, Joseph Lokolong, said, “Late James went for the funeral and some youth claimed  he was a wizard and beat him to death.”

Lokolong said the perpetrators have been arrested and they will be prosecuted for the crime.

“With help of the youth [after we engaged the community], we managed to arrest them, although one has already run to Juba. We are still following him up but the rest are under custody,”  he confirmed.

The commissioner called on the community not to take the law into their hands.

“It has come to the sense of how to address this. We need to tell the people who take the law into their hands to stop it,” Lokolong stressed.

However, he said there is a need for more civic education for the grassroots population to enable them to curb criminal activities.

‘‘I  think by doing civic education and also by heeding to the message of this missionaries preaching the word of God I think this one will actually change the people from saying so and so is a wizard,”  Lokolong said.

Cases of clashes between the civilians and the members of the South Sudan Defence Forces are becoming common, with the other recent incident involving the brutal murder of three civilians in Kajo Keji where the military was blamed.

On Tuesday, the lawmakers ordered the investigations into the murder of three youth and the abduction of women who have reportedly been detained in the barrack.