Singer Emmy appeals for medical support

Singer Emmy appeals for medical support
Mizaya Emmy hospitalised.

The manager of the hospitalised musician, Mizaya Emmy, has appealed for financial support from the fans and fellow artists to have the singer taken for further treatment, adding that Emmy’s condition is worsening.

According to his manager, Emmanuel Jayden, Emmy has been suffering from urinary tract atresia, which has blocked his urinary tract for over 6 months.

Jayden said the medics had warned that the singer’s life would be in serious danger if he failed to access further treatment in the next couple of days.

“His condition has worsened from yesterday. We rushed him to the hospital and he was supposed to be operated on today at 10:00 am (Wednesday), but the hospital is demanding 100 percent [before they can perform the surgery],’’ he said.

‘‘Some people have promised to contribute some money, but they are not responding positively,” Jayden told The City Review.

He said an estimated SSP 1 million is required to save the life of ailing vocalist Emmy.

“They needed us to pay SSP 540,000 just for the operation. Then, after the operation, they told me to prepare some amount for medicine, accommodation, and other equipment, which we estimated at roughly SSP 1 million.”

“The only amount deposited was less than SSP 300,000, which was my own effort, but I am still running up and down to get something and I believe some friends are also running up and down to support us in this difficult time,” Jayden added.

He called on friends, family members, musical fans, and well-wishers to help support his medical bills to save his life.

Emmy is currently hospitalised at Maxi Care Clinic opposite Darling Wisdom, where the surgery is expected to be done.

About one month ago, the musician was taken to the same facility to get treated where the medical personnel advised that they perform a partial surgery on him since the family has limited funds for the full treatment.

Based on that agreement, the doctors did their part while instructing the family to take the singer back for a full operation after four months.

However, less than six months down the line, he suffered a relapse and could no longer urinate normally because urine could not pass due to a blockage in his urinary tract, according to a family member.

He can only urinate through medical means where a pipe is connected to his bladder.