Seven bamboo harvesters killed in Torit

Seven bamboo harvesters killed in Torit
Bamboo tree

At least seven people were killed and two others seriously injured by unknown gunmen in Lowoi Payam, Torit County.

The incident happened on Saturday.

The victims had gone to the forest to log bamboo only to be met by armed youth attacked tthem, killing the seven on the  spot.

According to government officials,  the area has been experiencing severe cases of violence.

Early in April, the area was invaded by suspected cattle herders, and the incident resulted in the death of one person.

Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Information, Patrick Oting Cyprian told City Review tha the incident happened in Ayaka village.

Oting said the two survivors have been referred to Torit Civil Hospital for treatment.

He further said the security officers on the ground were following the foot marks of the assailants so that they are apprehended.

“The government are working hard so that the state remains calm.”

However, Oting condemned the killing and called on the youth in the area to remain as the government addresses the matter.