Seconds-long earthquake rattle Juba, trigger fear

Seconds-long earthquake rattle Juba, trigger fear

A seconds-long earthquake was felt in Juba yesterday evening.  The tremor rattled buildings and shook the floors sending panic among the residents at around 4 pm on Thursday. It elicited a sense of curiosity with many people rushing out of the buildings in anticipation of seeking safety just in case things go out of hand. For instance, in Hai- Malakal in Juba, shopkeepers and office occupants got off buildings before resuming duties.

It is the second time that tremor is being felt in Juba this year, with the first one being on June 27 at 11 pm.

At the time, Geology of South Sudan posted on its Twitter page explaining that the causes of the light earthquake are attributable to the geographical location of Juba.

The tweet posted on Saturday night read: ‘‘Tremors were felt in Juba, South Sudan as an earthquake struck at 11:10 PM Saturday night.

Juba is located east of Nimule-Aswa Shear Zone, a major area of structural deformation, which runs from Nimule through Mundri and stops just southwest of Tonj.’’

Juba has been experiencing intermittent tremors with no recorded strengths, making it difficult to determine the magnitude of the lurking dangers.

For instance, on May 27, 2020, the geological department warned that it was a matter of time before another earthquake hit South Sudan’s capital like the one of 1990.

On May 26, a  day when there was an earthquake, the Geology of South Sudan posted this: ‘‘There was an earthquake this morning in Juba South Sudan. It hit at 1:46 am followed by small aftershocks at around 2:19 am.

‘‘We don’t have seismometers so we don’t know how strong the quake was on the Richter scale.’’

An article published by Michigan Technological University explains that earthquake is caused when rocks ‘break along a fault.’ It further adds that it is this ‘sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake.’