Second best student call on girls to challenge male dominance in class

Second best student call on girls to challenge male dominance in class
Apiu Marlin Guor, the second-best female pupil in CPE results [Photo: Chol Makol, City review]

The second-best female candidate in the recently released Certificate of Primary Education result has challenged the girls to work hard saying the first position is not only meant for boys.

The country’s second-best female candidate, Apiu Marlin Guor said she has achieved her dream despite the challenges she had gone through.

Apiu Marlin Guor, a pupil from Jonglei State scored 472 making her the second-best female candidate in the country.

“I was always the last pupil to return to boarding because my parents could not pay my school fee in time. I used to spend some days at home because of school fees but what I was wishing for is that I could be the best female pupil in South Sudan,” Apiu said.

Marlin said she had been challenged by her counter male pupil in the class which enabled her to become the second best female pupil in the country.

“Since I began my studies, I use to be in the first position, I do out-compete most male pupils in my class. So, it only because of these challenges that make me be behind or second position,” she explained.

Marlin added that she hopes for the best as she plans to join high school if her parents can manage to overcome other challenges.

“In this world, there is no one born perfect or with knowledge, these boys who dominate the top ten were not born with that knowledge, it is only that our parents don’t give us time to revise at home. They mean that going to school is the only way to learn not knowing that they need time to revise their books,” Ms. Marlin said.

“A child who is knowledgeable is a child who has the time or that is given time by the parents every day and revises the notes given to him or her by the teachers.”