School officers trained on leadership management in WES

School officers trained on leadership management in WES
Teachers in Central Equatoria State have called on President Salva Kiir to pressure state authorities to release their 100 per cent new salary scale to avoid any inconvenience to the scheduled Primary Leaving Examinations.

Authorities in Ezo County, Western Equatoria State, in collaboration with JRS, started a five-day educational leadership management.

The workshop aimed at improving the quality of education in the county.

Speaking to The City Review, the Ezo County education director, James Katago John, said over 25 school officials are taking part in the training.

He said the training focuses on management and leadership to equip payam education supervisors and county education inspectors with skills on how they can properly manage education in the county.

“We are collaborating with our partners on how we can improve it through capacity building on leadership management to all payam education sectors in the county,” he said.

According to him, the challenges facing teachers have caused education sectors in the county to go down as most quit the classroom job for green pastures.

“We have no proper secondary school in Ezo, and our pupils are facing it difficult to have access to quality education after completing their primary schools,” he said.

The inspector of gender equity in Ezo County education office, Silvana Silivia, hailed the JRS for providing capacity building to education stakeholders which is going to add value to the education system in their areas.

“I am happy for this training and I believe it is the first step foundation that will produce a fruitful knowledge to the community of Western Equatoria and South Sudan at large,” she said.

Silivia appealed to the national government to improve teachers’ salaries in order to motivate them.

“The insensitive we are getting is not enough for us with the current economic situation in the country,” she said.

“Imagine an education inspector is getting SSP 10,000 per month while teachers are getting SSP 3000, and that little money is not coming monthly.”

She also suggested that improving teachers’ salary across the country could encourage more female students to join teaching profession.

The education senior inspector for planning Ezo County Mr. Luis Jesinto Kumbo said a luck of mobility to monitor all the education activities in the county is a major challenge facing them.