Scholar appeals to Kiir to establish body to deal with economic crisis

Scholar appeals to Kiir to establish body to deal with economic crisis

A renowned associate professor, Akim Ajieth, urged President Salva Kiir to establish the National Economic Advisory Board (NEAB) to rescue the country from the current economic crisis.

According to the statement obtained by The City Review, Akim appealed to President Kiir to establish NEAB to advise the government on fruitful policies.

“I suggest that the President of the Republic of South Sudan urgently considers the establishment of an independent presidential body called the National Economic Advisory Board (NEAB),” Akim said.

According to Akim, Kiir should appoint a strong team of eminent people with diverse experience, knowledge, and skills from a variety of areas, including academia, and think tanks from the private sector and other constituencies to advise him on how to take South Sudan to new heights economically.

He noted that the solution to the crisis is not by removing the officials but by setting up bodies and institutions to help them succeed in solving the crisis.

“The solution is not the removal of Eng. Awou and Dr. Alic, but to lessen the burdens they are carrying. This means taking some of the responsibilities away from them and creating some independent bodies to execute these responsibilities,” he said.

He added that the existing advisory team would be placed in modern form by NEAB to achieve success.

However, while addressing SPLM members during his endorsement in Juba over the weekend, President Kiir appealed to all the citizens to join hands to improve the economy.

“In the current economic situation, we need to join hands together to reverse it,” Kiir said

He revealed that some measures have been put in place by the SPLM task force to improve the economy.

“The SPLM economic task force has taken the following measures: authorized investors in the agricultural sector through the Agricultural Bank; worked on empowering local companies to supply basic commodities to bring prices down,” he said. 

He argued that the task force had called upon Nile Petroleum and its partners to speed up the building of oil refineries.

The head of state appealed to the government and the country at large to support agriculture.

“I am urging the SPLM members and government institutions to focus on and support agriculture,” he said. 

Early this month, the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) vowed to end the selling of foreign currencies, especially the U.S. dollar, on the streets of the capital, Juba.

The police decision came after South Sudanese pounds continued to lose value in the market.