Sarah Majok: Missed Nigeria opportunity did not kill my modeling dream

Sarah Majok:  Missed Nigeria opportunity did not kill my modeling dream
Sarah Majok Moun, Miss Premium Africa nominee (photo credit courtesy)

Sarah Majok, no doubt one of the finest South Sudanese models, was supposed to represent the country at Miss Premium Africa in Nigeria last year, but her dream was cut short as the country failed to sponsor her.

She spoke to The City Review’s Alex Bullen about what this low moment meant for her and what it takes to be a model and her future aspirations.

Bullen: Let us start with who Sarah Majok is, particularly for those who could be reading about you for the first time.

Sarah: Sarah Majok is a South Sudanese national and a model, carrying three titles presently. I am the current Miss Borchar, as well as Miss Premium Africa, South Sudan. Lastly, I am a Law student at Stafford University and a 22-year-old girl.

Bullen: You were supposed to represent South Sudan in Abuja, Nigeria, last year. What is the story?

Sarah: Well, I would not wish to speak about this. I do not even want to talk about it again, but well, I was nominated to represent the country in Miss Premium Africa in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the South Sudan government, however, did not provide the funds. These are challenges that I believe serve to make us work harder to achieve better.

Bullen: What do you mean here, Sarah? This must have been a big disappointment.

Sarah: I mean, since that time, I have tried to talk to some people about how they could help me achieve my dream of raising the name of the country in the modelling industry, but I got no answers from anyone. But as a model, giving up can never be in my vocabulary.

As a result, I decided to hold “Miss Borchar” contest…Well, Miss Premium Africa is bigger than Miss Borchar.

Bullen: So why exactly did you decide to hold Miss Borchar?

Sarah: The “Miss Borchar” beauty contest is at the community level. Like I said, after failing to get support from them, I thought that if I was to get the crown of Miss Borchar, I may get more fans and supporters.

I will start with my community leaders. I am looking forward to their support. I am quite optimistic that the future is going to be bright, not just for me but for the entire modelling industry in South Sudan.

Bullen: You won the Miss Borchar beauty pageant. What does this mean to you?

Sarah: This is a great achievement because, after being crowned the winner of the Miss Borchar beauty pageant, the community was very excited and I managed to get thousands of fans in the shortest time.

But after witnessing me as the winner of Miss Borchar out of ten contestants, many people have realized who I truly am.

Bullen: What does it take to be a model?

Sarah: You know, with modeling, there are only three things that can make one successful. It combines beauty, intelligence, and culture. But most importantly, education, because if you are educated, you may apply what it exactly means to be a model.

Bullen: Why education? What if someone is naturally beautiful?

Sarah: You know, with modeling, there are very many stages, especially when it comes to the last stages of addressing the audiences and answering the questions, since everything now needs English and that is where education becomes important. Plus, you need to be a global citizen. Have a grasp of what is going on around the world.

Bullen: How costly is it being a mode?

Sarah: It is expensive. Let me say it starts from training, maintaining your figure. That is your diet. Then we have wardrobe, make-up and sometimes expensive registration fees.

Bullen: You talked about maintaining a figure. What do you eat in order to maintain your figure?

Sarah: Yes, maintaining the figure depends on someone’s nature. For me now, I have a well-maintained figure, which is natural because these days when it comes to food, I cannot choose any type of food; I eat every type of food.

Let me confess that I added weight, but now I had to do a lot of exercises, like running and doing some push-ups. While eating a lot of fruits, drink a lot of water and, on the other hand, reduce eating heavy things like food.

Also, one has to make sure they have enough rest.

The advantage I have is that my skin is a typical African skin that I am proud of. So I just use normal petroleum jelly brands and lotion.

Bullen: How about makeup for a beauty queen like you?

Sarah: You have to apply makeup, especially when you’re wearing a crown, but only a little bit because too much makeup will change your natural look, and modeling requires you to show that you’re naturally beautiful.