S. Sudan on course to joining African Geological and Mineral Centre

S. Sudan on course to joining African Geological and Mineral Centre
VP James Wani Igga. [File , City Review]

The ministry of finance has been directed to disburse $65,000 to the mining counterpart to offset fees for membership in the African Geological and Mineral Centre.

The decision was reached at a meeting chaired by Vice President The Economic Cluster Dr James Wani Igga, Thursday.

“Ministerial Economic Cluster direct(ed) ministry of finance to promptly pay an annual membership fee of 65000 USD to the ministry of mining to become a member of the African Geological and Mineral Centre,” read the statement from the VP’s office.

According to the statement, the ministry of mining (national) will join the African Geological Mineral Centre headquartered in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, once the membership fee is paid.

In May 2022, the ministry of petroleum announced a plan to launch the first geological data centre (GDC) in the country.

“South Sudan has lacked a geological data centre to gather and preserve its data and information since independence,” noted Eng Daniel Chaung, the undersecretary of the ministry of petroleum.

Chuang said the centre would be essential for gathering data on carbon, minerals and other geo-scientific data.

“The South Sudan Geological Data Centre will be highly significant to the ministries of petroleum and mining since the data centre service is intended to own the country’s geological data,” he added.

In January 2022, the national minister for national security, Obuto Mamur, banned illegal gold mining and exploiting of other minerals in Eastern Equatoria State.

Mamur defended the decision saying it was meant to help the government stabilise the economy by generating revenue through gold mines and other minerals.

“This programme is very critical, but we must implement it for the good of the nation,” Mamur stated.

He asserted that the government had developed a policy of registering companies to explore, exploit, mine and sell gold within the county and encourage cross-border trade.