Ruweng Chief appoints commissioners

Ruweng Chief appoints commissioners
Ruweng Area Chief Administrator, Peter Daau Chopkuer, (in the red tie) met with Ruweng traditional leaders over the weekend in Juba. [Alex Bullen, City Review]

The Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Stephano Wieu Mialek, issued decrees appointing eight county commissioners. 

The commissioners appointed yesterday include Matiop Dau Deng Kueth (Abiemnom County), James Abdalla Deng (Awarpiny County), David Guor Mawach (Alliiny County), Elijah Guor Bol (Jamjang County), Chol Choch Kur (Jau County), Simon Koch Mijok (Tuooch County), Kueth Guer Lual (Lake County), and Simon Chol Mijak Ayuel (Wunkur County).

In June, President Salva Kiir sacked the Ruweng chief administrator, Tiop Monyluak weeks after his appointment.

Kiir, in a presidential decree, read out on the state-owned television, appointed Stefano Wieu Mialek as the new Ruweng chief administrator.

Stephano Wieu de Mialek later appointed Moulana Monytwij Kuel Adur as a new deputy chief Administrator for Ruweng Administrative