Ruto promises boots, uniforms for necessary unified forces

Ruto promises boots, uniforms for necessary unified forces
President of Kenya, William Ruto signing a document at South Sudan’s State House as President Salva Kiir looks on.

Kenya’s President Dr William Ruto has pledged to support South Sudan through the supply of boots, uniforms, and medicine to the Necessary Unified Forces.

Ruto said this would be part of his government’s commitment to supporting South Sudan’s quest for sustainable peace through the graduation and deployment of forces.

“We have agreed as a region to work with the people of South Sudan in consolidating the peace because it’s not only important to the people of South Sudan, it is important to our region as East Africa,” Ruto said.

He made the remarks upon his arrival in Juba on Saturday after he held talks with President Salva Kiir.

He said Kenyans had offered unwavering support for South Sudan’s peace process to ensure regional stability.

 “Kenya will continue to stand with you to make sure that the people of South Sudan live in peace,” he said.

“As a guarantor, we are going to assist, make every effort, and put all mechanisms at your disposal to make sure that the timelines that were agreed upon that would lead to a peaceful South Sudan are adhered to,” said Ruto.

He said this would enable them to participate in securing the lives and property of the citizens.

“I can confirm that the people of South Sudan will not be left alone, and I will return soon to inaugurate a chancellery and embassy in Juba as part of ensuring that we build on the already established relationship between the two countries,” Ruto stressed.

The two leaders addressed a joint press conference after being holed up for hours when Ruto jetted in from Nairobi over the weekend.

President Kiir said Kenya and South Sudan had a lot in common and had strong ties dating back to the days of the country’s liberation.

“Our two countries share historic ties cemented by people-to-people relations created by Kenya’s deliberate policy to host our people during our war of national liberation, and we look forward to building on these relations in order to achieve a better future for our respective people,” noted Kiir.

He added that the countries would pursue a joint stance on regional matters, especially on security and economics, for the betterment of the two nations.

He stated, “we discussed a wide range of issues on areas of mutual interest between our two countries, at both the bilateral and regional level. We also briefly touched on economic cooperation and international files, specifically on issues where we felt presenting a unified position on them can advance African interests.

“I pledged our country’s cooperation with his administration in pursuing areas of common interest regionally and internationally.”

This was Ruto’s first visit to Juba since South Sudan gained independence in 2011.