Rumbek schoolgirl gives birth, takes physics paper from hospital

Rumbek schoolgirl gives birth, takes physics paper from hospital

A 20-year-old Senior Four student, from Wulu Secondary School in Lakes State took her third examination papers from Rumbek Hospital after giving birth to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday night.

Elizabeth Agum, who traveled from Wulu County to Rumbek, sat for a physics paper from the hospital bed following a successful delivery.

“I came from Wulu secondary school, and my paper this morning was physics, on which I have to sit from here because I do not have the power to go up to the centre,” she told The City Review.

Her delivery took her by surprise because she gave birth before the scheduled nine months.

“I delivered before I completed the nine months because I only have eight months, which is incomplete to deliver, and I have delivered a baby boy.”

“But I feel better now and have been successful, although the examination paper is very tough, but I tried like that.”

She requested well-wishers, as well as the Lakes State and national governments, to help her as she faces difficult circumstances.

According to James Salah Makoi, the midwife in Rumbek State Hospital’s maternity ward, Agum showed signs of labour on Tuesday evening and delivered well at night.

“That was her first baby, which she delivered at midnight around 3:30 AM. She gave birth to a baby boy, and the baby is healthy,” Mr. Makoi said.

For Makoi, it is typical for a woman to have a baby in eight months, especially if the mother has been affected by malaria.

“So, sometimes, malaria can cause a preterm delivery.” But the baby is okay and breastfeeding well, and the mother is also comfortable,” he added.