RPG seeks to disqualify Malueth from the race for BAR top seat

RPG seeks to disqualify Malueth from the race for BAR top seat

Reform and Prosperity Technical Advisor Kamal John (left) and the head of media of Advocate Alliance Wani Stephen. [Photo: Jenifer James, The City Review]

The Reform and Prosperity Group submitted a letter of objection to the BAR election committee against the presidential candidate of the Advocate Alliance, Arop Malueth, on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday after the submission of the letter, the Technical Advisor for the Committee of Reform and Prosperity Group, Kamal John, noted that they had submitted a letter of objection against the nomination of Malueth on grounds that he lacked the requisite experience to challenge for the seat.

“Today we have successfully submitted our application and objection which have been accepted by the Electoral Committee, and now they are in the process of summoning and notifying the other party to respond, and then within 72 hours the result is going to be announced for the public,” Kamal said.

Kamal claimed that Malueth had not been practising law for 10 years, which is a violation of Article 20 for the Conduct of Business. 

He claimed that the candidate does not meet the eligibility criterion in Article 20 as he was serving as a Judge of Second Grade at the Judiciary of South Sudan between June 2015 and March 2018 and was only called to the bar late in the year 2018 where he has since been practising law as an advocate under roll number 1242. 

“That, if counted, the years of practice for the objected candidate shall only amount to six years, i.e., less than the years of experience required in the candidate for the post of President,” part of the letter read.

“We are objecting to the nomination of the other candidate for the Advocate Alliance, Mr. Arop Malueth, for violating Article 20 for the conduct of business, which requires the presidential candidates to have 10 years in practice as advocates, which is missing in the other candidates,” he stated.

In response, the head of the media in the Advocates Alliance Group, Wani Stephen, rubbished the claims terming them a lie, as he insisted that their candidate had practiced law for over a decade.

“These are all allegations. I would like to state that Advocate Arop got his license in 2011, and since 2011, he has been a licensed advocate. So I think it is very simple math here. How many years of experience will that make?” he posed.

He further added that the electoral committee had given the candidates up to May 11, 2024, to make such objections but that deadline had already passed.

“Today is the 14th of May, which falls beyond the period for making any objections against any candidate,” he said.

According to Wani, Article 20 “E” does not exist, especially paragraph E, which does not exist in the South Sudan election regulations at all.

“What provides who should run or should not run in the advocates for the position of the president of the advocates or of the Bar Association is Article 15.1 which is the right article that talks about who is eligible to run for the presidency of the South Sudan Bar Association,” he added.

According to Wani, the two groups should avoid strife because the aim is to establish a unified and efficient professional Bar Association in South Sudan.