Robbers break into church, drug watchman before stealing cash

Robbers break into church, drug watchman before stealing cash
Offices of South Sudan Catholic Bishop Conference church. [Photo, Keji Janefer, City Review]

Daring robbers broke into a church, drugged a watchman before stealing over USD 5,000 hard cash and other valuables.

The incident took place at the Sudan and South Sudan Catholic Bishop Conference.

According to church officials, the robber first drugged the watchman with an unknown substance before stealing from the house of God.

The cash was in USD and SSP denominatios – USD 3,372 and SSP 885,355.

“I received a call from one of my church member who became curious after seeing the door to the church wide open at down. The watchman was found lying on the floor. He looked intoxicated even though he didn’t have any injury on his body. It seems like they poisoned him. He cannot recognize anyone.

“He was examined and the doctors said that they might have used some chemical to poison him or to intoxicate him,” said Fr. Peter Suleiman Bolis who is also the secretary General for both Sudan and South Sudan.

The robbers also stole electronic gadgets and other crucial documents.

“They have collected my laptop and all of the equipment like the external hard drives, flash disks, recording machine.

“I am the secretary-general for the two countries (Sudan and South Sudan) which means that they have spoiled the work of the secretariat and even the history because I’m holding an official document of the secretariat in my computer, added the man of the cloth.

According to Peter, this isn’t the first time the secretariat’s office has been looted. Fr. Peter claims that criminals broke into the compound a year before he was posted in the

The secretary-general blamed the act on the country’s high unemployment and poverty rates.

“There are many street boys and jobless people.

Peter’s greatest fear is that confidential information about the church might find itself in the wrong hands.