Roads cut off, Governor Ngor appeals for emergency aid

Roads cut off, Governor Ngor appeals for emergency aid
Governor Tong Akeen Ngor during a visit to the flood-affected areas

​The governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Tong Akeen Ngor, is appealing to the humanitarian agencies to come to the aid of people affected by floods.

Aweil North, South, West, and Centre Counties are among the areas that have been hit heavily by the rising water levels that have displaced thousands of people and animals.

The governor made the plea after visiting Majak Baai, one of the affected areas.

“Help is required right away since things are becoming worse. No single national or international organisation has been able to assist those flood victims as I speak,” Ngor said.

“Even things like temporary shelters, mosquito nets, and medicine, including food items, have not been provided, and inhabitants are suffering,” Ngor said.
According to Ngor, the water has completely marooned most parts of Aweil County and forced thousands of residents out of their homes.

He added that the road access has been cut off. Aid can only get to the place via boats.

“I am calling on non-governmental organizations, the national government, and partners.”

However, he asserted that his government was making every effort to assist individuals, particularly women and children.

According to the authorities, the majority of the population has been displaced to Majak Baai.

Ngor called on the affected victims to be resilient as his state government seeks for possible solutions to rescue them.