Road ambush claims 10 lives in Central Equatoria

Road ambush claims 10 lives in Central Equatoria

Ten people died while two others escaped with injuries in two separate attacks along Juba-Yei highway in Central Equatoria State on Sunday.

The Central Equatoria State Minister of Information Paulino Lukudu Obede told The City Review that one incident took place in Ganji, an area known as Gogotju, on Sunday, while the other took place on Monday, March 29, in an area called Kinda.

“One vehicle got stuck on the road and some drivers came to rescue their colleagues and that is where they were ambushed and all the four vehicles were burned plus the four drivers killed,” he said.

He explained that the government forces went to the area where the incident took place and an ambulance was dispatched to ferry the bodies to Yei.

He added that on Monday morning two motorcycle riders were shot dead between Limbe and Kenyi, in an area called Kinda.  

Lukudu has blamed the attack on NAS forces loyal to Gen. Thomas Cirillo that he said outnumbered the government security officers manning the area.

Though he said the state was yet to find credible information because the situation was much tensed. Up to now, they have not been able to access the scene because of rebel forces that have marooned the area, Lukudu added.

However, the state government said that they are working hard to calm the situation as people are preparing for the planting season. The minister said they will ensure the prevalence of peace in all the counties of CES.