Red Army calls for peace to crown off Martyr’s Day

Red Army calls for peace to crown off Martyr’s Day

The Red Army Foundation is calling on citizens to denounce violence and promote peace as the country marks Martyr’s Day.

Every July 30, South Sudan celebrates those who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from the oppressive regime of Khartoum.

In the statement seen by The City Review, the Chairman of the Red Army Foundation, Deng Bol Aruai, called on all the members of the Red Army and the public to distance themselves from any acts that would jeopardise harmony.

“As we celebrate this historical day today, we, therefore, discourage all forms of army rebellion because we believe in peace,” Deng said.

He cautioned all the members of the Red Army against actions that enflame war.

“We call upon all the Rem Army to be flagbearers and champions for peace; not frontrunners beating war drums.’’

 “South Sudanese have endured suffering for so long and they [now] need to start to enjoy dividends of peace and development to improve their wellbeing,” he added.

He called for inclusive, constructive and meaningful dialogue as the only means to bring peace and end violence in the country.

Mr Deng urged the government to place the veterans, war disabled into consideration.  

“In the same spirit of patriotism and comradeship, we can not forget all the comrades of the SPLM/A liberation struggle, especially the war veterans, who have numerous grievances, having been marginalised and neglected today, despite all the sacrifice and contribution they made to the success of liberation struggle and have been left to suffer in the dark without any consideration for their predicament,” he explained.

He appealed to the government to help the war widows and war orphans who had been left to wallow in poverty and untold suffering despite the gallant sacrifices and contributions of their fathers, and husbands.