Reception of new IGP Biar adjourned until further notice

Reception of new IGP Biar adjourned until further notice

The reception of the newly appointed IGP, Gen. Atem Marol Biar, which was scheduled for today has been postponed till further notice.

Despite the ground being set for the event, the Ministry of Interior’s Media Department said there was an instruction from the senior government officials to postpone the ceremony.

“The ceremony is supposed to take place today, but the communication team received information that the event was postponed, and there is no clear information as to why the event was postponed, so the cancellation is from above,” the media department said.

Gen. Biar was appointed in a Presidential Decree read on the government-owned television earlier this week.

He succeeded long-serving former IGP Gen. Majak Akec, who had held the job for nearly six years.
Since 2021, Gen. Atem Bair has been the Director General of the Interior Ministry’s Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passports, and Immigration.

The shift came just a few days after the city of Juba was scared by a large deployment of security forces.