Rebecca Kot murder: Man who shot wife 5 times says she had multiple affairs

Rebecca Kot murder: Man who shot wife 5 times says she had multiple affairs

​The Supreme Court Judge on Monday, September 12, was forced to adjourn the case in which a man was accused of shooting two people in Bidwin Hotel in Juba, last June.

The hearing will continue on Thursday, September 15 after the defence lawyer complained of ‘poor lighting’ in court.

The court heard that the accused person – Bobby Longar, the police officer accused of shooting his wife and an alleged lover, fired more than ten bullets on his victims.

Five of those bullets landed on his wife – Rebecca Anyon Kot and while Akech Manut, the man he accused of sleeping with his wife, was shot four times, the court was told.
The incident happened on June 16, in Hai Malakal, Juba.

“The crime that we are dealing with shook the society. The perpetrator fired five bullets in the victim’s chest (Rebecca). The murdered woman was a young and promising lady, but the perpetrator took her life. We have the death certificate, the pistol and the car used by the perpetrator as evidence,” Rebecca’s lawyers told the court.

The case is before Judge Alexander Sabor Subek.

Longar allegedly shot Rebecca after she tried to intervene when an argument ensued between him and Manut.

The investigating officer told the court that the two were shot at a hotel’s parking lot.

Lawyer Maulana Kiir, appearing on behalf of Manut, pleaded with the court to impose the most severe punishment on the accused.

“The perpetrator fired four shots at the victim, killing him on the spot, then surrendered himself to the police, of which he is a member. Thus, he violated the very laws that he is supposed to defend. I ask this court to hand him the most severe penalties,” Moulana Basiflo, who is representing Manut, told the court.

Longar narrated to the court how his alleged estranged wife of 12 years, and a mother of three children, had multiple affairs.

“She started leaving the house without my permission. I advised her severally to stop but she did not heed my advice. Then she started sleeping with other men. Around 2021, she had (name withheld) another man…

“She had a relationship with (name withheld), who was [even] using my wife’s car. In February (2022), my wife travelled to Yerol without my knowledge.

Also in May, she travelled to Kenya. I knew that she was accompanied by someone there. On the day of the accident, I went to the Bidwin Hotel, with two of my friends. When I arrived, I found my wife with another man.

“While I was talking to that man, she intervened. Acting out of anger, I fired several bullets. I didn’t mean to kill her. I surrendered myself to my military unit. I later learned that I had also shot one of my friends.”

But the session was adjourned after the defence told the court that power was about to be disconnected.

Judge Alexander accepted Maulana Deng John’s request and ordered the postponement of the court session until Thursday 15.

The session will resume at 10a.m.

The case will proceed to a full hearing after the accused pleaded not guilty.