Radio Jonglei reopens after month-long closure

Radio Jonglei reopens after month-long closure
Interior view of Radio Jonglei in Bor (photo credit: The Paradise)

Radio Jonglei 95.9 FM in Bor town was reopened yesterday afternoon after being closed since the 24th of August 2021.

The radio station has been off-air since last month after being shut by the National Security Service (NSS) on suspicion of broadcasting inciting content.

 “We are back on the air this afternoon, the radio was closed down because we broadcast about the uprising of the People’s Coalition for Cavil Action (PCCA) on the 24th of August and that is the reason as to why we were closed,” Tijwog Agwet the Executive Director of Radio Jonglei told City Review on a phone interview on Friday.

Agwet stressed that life was uneasy after the shutdown of the station, which is the primary source of news in Jonglei State.

“This has been the only radio that educates people on developmental programs, it was not easy but we are now back, things happen,” he said.

He revealed that they had accepted their mistake and offered a due apology to the authorities, who happily forgave them and restored their service.

But according to State Minister of Information and Communication Veronica William, the station was operating without a license and its staff members were using “offensive language” on air.

 “The issue of radio Jonglei State closure came from a security meeting between the state government and national security,’’ she said.

UNJOSS, a body that fights for the rights and protection of journalists in the country has repeatedly condemned unlawful attacks on journalists and called on authorities to raise concerns with the Media Authority when offended.

There has also been maximum cooperation between UJOSS, the Media Authority, and members of the National Security Service. Earlier this month, NSS released a journalist working for SSBC after the intervention of UJOSS through the Media Authority.