Prof Akec rebuffs suggestions for technocratic government

Prof Akec rebuffs suggestions for technocratic government
Prof. John Akech, Vice Chancellor, University of Juba. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof John Akec, has rejected the call for technocratic government by Pagan Amum, the leader of Real-SPLM.

He said the technocratic government is nothing but dictatorship in disguise.

“I carefully read the concept note authored by Pagan Amum on behalf of Real SPLM. I have some observations, “Prof. Akec said in a statement he posted on his Facebook yesterday.

“In my view, what Pagan Amum describes as’ lack of political will’, is actually a lack of ‘vision and accompanying strategy’ on how to move the country from instability to peace and prosperity, across the board,’’ he added.

Prof Akec stated that the R-ARCSS, to which Pagan Amum is a signatory, was like a ship headed “nowhere”.

However, Prof. Akec called for consultations at the end of R-ARCSS in 2023, adding that such an approach would bring inclusiveness.

 He added that the Troika, the AU, and the international community need to be invited to help South Sudanese design a governance system that would meet the demands of the people.

“We will not be looking for RARCSS-2 with similar structural and design defects from which RARCSS suffers.” Are South Sudanese not smart enough and capable enough to craft a governance system that will be good for them like other thriving nations before us in history?

He said it was ignorance speaking loudly in the author of the concept note.

“If SPLM went to war to establish a democratic and secular new Sudan, then let us accept that the only vehicles for exercising democracy are political parties. And that every political party must have a vision and a clear strategy for building a prosperous, united, democratic, and peaceful nation,” Akec stressed.

He hinted that democrats should not shy away from organising political parties and hide behind a “technocratic government”, which is not accountable and difficult to pick.

“This is dictatorship disguised.” It is incredible nonsense.”

“The only legitimate means of ending the mandate of RTGoNU is by transfer of power through democratic elections.” If elections are not possible in February 2023, then the RTGONU mandate needs to be extended indefinitely until perfect conditions exist for credible elections,” Prof Akec stated.

Akec suggested that where there is insecurity, special arrangements can be made to facilitate the voting of citizens.

He said the Parliament that will be created as a result of the election will have the legitimacy to draft and approve a more permanent constitution, as well as move the country forward in line with the majority elected parties’ vision.