Prof Akec pleads with President Kiir to save University of Juba from ‘land grabbers’

Prof Akec pleads with President Kiir to save University of Juba from ‘land grabbers’
Prof John Akec at the protested university land. [Photo: Courtesy]

​The administration of University of Juba (UOJ) has made a passionate appeal to President Salva Kiir to intervene and save the institution from the jaws of ‘land cartels’.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof John Akec, is understood to have called a senate meeting with the key agenda of filing a petition the president, to help resolve a long-standing land dispute between UOJ and the government of Central Equatoria State.

Prof Akec said that he is determined to kick out a private developer who claims part of land at Customs Campus, adding that they will not cede even an inch of the disputed piece of land.

Members of the SSPDF occupying part of the University of Juba’s land at Customs Campus. [Photo: Courtesy]

“This land belongs to the university, but it was given to the said developer in 2011, by Central Equatoria. We will not give up,” Prof Akec told City Review.

There was heavy deployment of SSPDF soldiers, between Nyakuron and Custom market, for the last two days, ostensibly to protect the interest of the private developer.

The army eventually vacated the land after Akec toured the place, Wednesday.

“They have vacated but they are likely to come back any time,” he said.

The outspoken Professor added: “The conflict with Central Equatoria on University of Juba needs intervention by the Central Government in order to end the persistent use of our organised forces to grab the land of the University by force for development by private individuals.”

Prof Akec added that he is unaware of the project being put up by the unnamed private developer.