President Salva Kiir to listen to SPLM-IO concerns

President Salva Kiir to listen to SPLM-IO concerns
President Salva Kiir when he met Deputy President in charge of Infrastructure Cluster, Taban Deng Gai. [Photo: PPS]

The Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition’s (SPLM-IO) concerns about the recently passed Political Parties Amendment Bill 2022 will now be addressed at the presidential level.

This comes after a delegation from the Transitional National Legislative Assembly led by Speaker Jemma Nunu met President Salva Kiir to chat about the way forward on the grievances raised by SPLM-IO parliamentary caucus.  

The SPLM-IO group announced on Monday that unless their concerns regarding the recently passed bill are addressed, they will boycott all parliamentary sessions.

Despite Speaker Nunu’s belief that the SPLM-IO Parliamentary caucus did not need to boycott the sessions because the debate was conducted transparently, President Kiir stated that it would be beneficial for him to raise the problems at the presidential level for further discussion.

 “There is no reason for the SPLM-IO Parliamentary caucus to boycott the sittings due to this matter because the debate transparently took place and the majority Members of Parliament passed the Bill,” Speaker Nunu stressed.

According to Nunu, President Kiir, assured that the matter will be discussed at the presidential level to find a peaceful solution to the problem.

“President Salva Kiir Mayardit directed that the issue be raised at the level of the Presidency meeting to resolve the issue and determine the way forward.” 

The August House, she claimed, had discussed the Political Party Amendment Bill, 2022 in a transparent manner and passed it at the third and final reading stages, a decision she defended.

Since the topic has been sent to the level of the Presidency, members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly have to wait for the outcome of the Presidency meetings before deciding whether to proceed with sittings.

The speaker also urged SPLM-IO Members of Parliament to return to the table to settle the concerns responsibly, emphasizing that the Revitalized Peace Agreement is the only path ahead for the people of South Sudan to live in peace and stability.