President Kiir told to disband ‘faulty’ VP clusters

President Kiir told to disband ‘faulty’ VP clusters
President Salva Kiir when he met Deputy President in charge of Infrastructure Cluster, Taban Deng Gai. [Photo: PPS]

A former Presidential Advisor on SPLA Affairs Salva Mathok Gengdit claims that clusters governed by vice presidents are sources of corruption.

In a letter addressed to President Salva Kiir Mayardit, dated June 6, 2022, Mathok warned that the system created in R-ARCSS would throw the country and people into abyss if no remedial actions are taken.

He is currently a Member of Parliament in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA),

“The R-ARCSS has created a lot of system structures that will put this nation with her people perish and land will remain empty but it’s unacceptable,” Mathok said.

“The system of clusters created corruption where there will be no accountability at the end of the day since it’s at the Presidency level. Forming the so-called clusters chaired by each vice president is creating chaos in the economy of this country,” Mathok stated.

The lawmaker claimed that the clusters had seized duties of council of ministers, with workers hooked up in meetings, leaving out their duties unperformed.

He called for cancellation of clusters so that vice presidents stick to advisory and supervisory role.

“I recommend the cancellation of clusters and Vice Presidents remain on the advisory roles only, if not then, rotation can be done in clusters if my views are not satisfactory,” he concluded.

Peace agreement

According to R-ARCSS, the president would remain in his position and the commander-in-chief of national army, and would chair the council of ministers, the National Security Council and assent to the bills passed by Transitional National Legislative Assembly to become laws.

The document indicates that the position of the First Vice President would not exist after the unification of forces.

“First Vice President At the end of the Transitional Period, the position of First Vice President will cease to exist, unless the Permanent Constitution requires it to remain,” it stated.

“He will command the SPLM–IO forces until overall unification of the forces, and act as overall Commander–in–Chief in the event of any temporary absence of the President.”

It elaborated that the four vice presidents would not exist after the transitional period, adding that the meeting within the presidency would be collaborative, and done through consultations.

This means that the clusters would not exist after the graduation of unified forces, and subsequently the end of the transitional period.