President Kiir launches construction of new State House

President Kiir launches construction of new State House
The artwork of the yet to be constructed State House in Juba. [

President Salva Kiir launched the construction of the new State House on Tuesday.

According to the presidential press statement, the new State House will include offices and serve as a venue for conducting government functions.

“President Salva Kiir Mayardit has today presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction project of the State House (J1), which will be the president’s office and a venue for other government activities, “the statement read in part.

The President commended the executive director in his office, James Deng Wal, engineers, and directed them to construct a building that would last for a hundred years.

According to Mr Wal, the construction will last for two years. 

“The project will provide employment to South Sudanese citizens, including engineers, artisans, construction workers, and administrative staff,” he said.

Wal hailed the president for his relentless efforts toward infrastructural development across the country, adding that they would seek guidance from international consultants and local engineers to bring the project to its shape to be the only modern State House in the region.

Reactions from citizens

However, the project has sparked mixed reactions from South Sudanese youth on social media, with some hailing the project while others claim the current J1 is good and such funds should be channeled towards the construction of roads and funding security.

Others called for the government to allocate money to buy planes for the country to avoid depending on foreign companies.

Deng Kiir Deng termed the initiative a great project.

“Congratulations to the office of the president for initiating this great project,” Deng said.

Mangok Aliap said, “Congratulations to you, General Salva Kiir, and well done to the team led by Executive Director James. I am urging the team tasked to be very true to the intentions of General Salva for his wishes on economic guide and approach to the state of affairs. “

Abraham Door Mading said there was no need to build a new State House because the priority should be given to roads.

“Please, the current J1 is beautiful, we need you to make roads first. As I am commenting now, I am stuck in the mud while going to Yirol and mosquitoes are killing me,” Mading said.

Bol Deng said the construction of many structures shows that the project of relocating the city to Ramciel will not be fruitful.

“If this one is going to be built here, then we lose hope for relocation of the city to Ramciel. I wish the government to come out and say no relocation of the city,” Bol said.

A South Sudanese who called herself Tabbie Deng complained that the opportunities should be given to citizens during the construction of the State House and not foreigners.

“I hope these foreigners will not take our jobs, please. We look like we are in their countries, not ours. Please, Mr. President, do something about this. We don’t mistreat them yet they are the ones mistreating us. One day, I will sue someone in High Court so that they will know who the child of this country is,” she said.