Police stops ACROSS from distributing ‘contaminated’ food to Lainya IDPs

Police stops ACROSS from distributing ‘contaminated’ food to Lainya IDPs
Women receive food aid. [Photo: UNOCHA]

Authorities in Central Equatoria State have stopped the ongoing distribution of humanitarian aid in Lainya after police flagged some of the items as “not fit for consumption”.

Local police claim that some of the food items are contaminated and should be returned.

Lainya County Commissioner Emmanuel Khamis told City Review that part of the maize that had been distributed to IDPs, by ACROSS, was found to be contaminated with particles of mattress foam.

Authorities are now appealing to those who received the aid to return them to avert a potential health crisis.

“I hereby direct ACROSS to halt further distribution of the floor until further notice.

“I call on the beneficiaries who have already received [the food items] to return the maize floor to Lainya police station while those who did not to be patient as the matter is being addressed.

“We can’t compromise the safety of our people,” Khamis said.

“Security organs in Lainya are hereby directed to impound and halt ACROSS from further distribution of maize floor which was brought alongside other items as humanitarian assistance to IDP in Lainya. 

“Some of the [already] distributed 50kg maize floor was discovered with [sic] particles of mattress foam in it, causing concerns from citizens,” added the statement to City Review