Police open case against Abyei looting suspects

Police open case against Abyei looting suspects
The map of Abyei Administration Area. [Photo: Google Maps]

Police in Abyei has opened a case against youths who allegedly looted six trucks which were transporting food from Sudan to Warrap and Western Bahr el Ghazal State.

The trucks arrived in Abyei Town on Tuesday, but were attacked by youth in the dead of the night, looting the foodstuff in the process.

“Police has opened a case against the perpetrators of this act. They will face the law. These trucks were under their protection,” Abyei Special Administrative Area spokesperson Ajak Deng Miyen said.

He added that the Administration of Abyei Special Administrative Area would strive to bring to book the perpetrators.

“We condemn this unfortunate act. The Area Administration is trying its level best to bring the perpetrators to book,” he added.

“It is worth noting that the Area Administration had no prior information of the movement of these trucks.”

The spokesperson says it was the first time such an incident occurred in the area.

Pending status

Abyei Special Administrative Area is still disputed by both Sudanese and the South Sudanese governments. The people of Abyei are expected to go for a referendum to decide whether to pay allegiance to either of the two governments.

In 2013, Dinka Ngok who inhabit Abyei held a unilateral referendum by voting overwhelmingly to be in South Sudan.

The results of the referendum were, however, rejected by both governments and the international community.

The area has been seeing issues of insecurity.

Last week, the government of South Sudan resolved to deploy forces in Abyei to curb further attacks.