Peddlers of fake news scaring away investors – Kuol

Peddlers of fake news scaring away investors – Kuol

The Senior Presidential Advisor, Kuol Manyang Juk, has accused social media users and activists of publishing false information that he alleges scares away investors from the country.

He said most investors could not come to the country because of the false information published by some individuals.

“They say there is no security and stability in Juba, which is one of the reasons why the government cannot employ a large number of citizens,” Kuol claimed.

He was speaking during the conclusion of the Ruweng community dialogue held in Juba on Saturday.

Kuol warned users of social networking sites against misusing websites by spreading misleading security information about the country’s security conditions.

He argued that ‘‘the security conditions in Juba are stable and good.” Kuol said that because the content shared on the internet can be assessed by many people, including potential investors; the government is losing investments that would otherwise create revenue and employment.  

 “Some citizens who spread false information about the security situation in South Sudan are the ones who prevent investors from coming to the country to invest, “Kuol said.

According to Kuol, the private sector remains crucial in bridging the gap of employment because the ‘‘government cannot employ all its citizens.”

He added, “Any country in the world cannot employ all its citizens in government positions. Even the United States of America cannot do that.

“Every country employs about 50 per cent of its citizens in the private sector, and that is not happening here in Juba because investors are afraid to come to Juba because of the misleading information spread by the country’s activists on social media,” he claimed.