Peace will bring investors into our arms, says President Kiir

Peace will bring investors into our arms, says President Kiir
Salva Kiir, South Sudan President. [Photo: Presidential Press Unit]

President Salva Kiir yesterday made a bold assurance, urging the South Sudanese to brace for an influx of investors following a sustained peace and stability in the country.

Speaking at the annual Ramadhan breakfast, the Head of State remembered the country’s path of ruins, saying many investors were paranoid about cashing in on the South Sudanese market during the civil war. However, the situation has changed since the signing of the 2018 Revitalised Peace Agreement.

He said, ‘‘People were saying that if we give our money we shall have thrown it to the ocean and we shall not get the benefit.’’

However, he said ‘‘we have stopped fighting among ourselves we believe these people will come with their money and we shall benefit from their money.’’

He said that investors would bring a lot of incentives such as jobs and infrastructural development which would benefit the South Sudanese citizens.

‘‘If they bring money, every project they do, our people passing on the roads without jobs will work in those factories or companies we shall benefit from them.’’

He hosted a group of members of the Muslim community and in attendance were other leaders among them the First Vice President Dr Riek Machar.

The President expressed confidence that calm had returned to the country, enabling people to carry on with activities even at night—a situation that would never happen back in the day.

‘‘I want to thank you because you came at night, and you also know there is nothing that will happen to you because now ‘‘unknown gunmen’’ are no longer there,’’ he said.

UAE trip

Kiir’s assurance comes just days after he returned from his second trip to the United Arab Emirates. The president was said to have flown to the Gulf nation to make another stab at luring investors to come and cash in on South Sudanese market.