Peace partners to share 350 SSPDF positions

Peace partners to share 350 SSPDF positions
Lt. Gen. Gabriel Doup Lam (L), acting chief of staff of SPLA-IO and co-chair of JDB, Lt. Gen. Thol Chany Reat, Deputy CDF of SSPDF (M) and Lt. Gen. Juluis Tabuley Daniel, co-chair JDB SSOA (L) posted for photo after reading out the joint press conference to media on Friday at the headquarter of SSPDF in Juba. [Keji Janefer, City Review]

The South Sudan People’s Defence Force said about 350 positions shall be divided among the three armed parties to the revitalised peace agreement.

The 350 positions are to be shared among the SPLM, SPLM-IO, and SSOA in preparation for the deployment of the necessary unified forces across the Country.

Speaking to The City Review on Friday, the Army Spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai said, “The allocated positions for the second level of a unified command for the parties to the revitalized peace agreement.”

“We divided 60 per cent for SPLM-IG, 30 per cent for SPLM-IO, and 10 per cent for SSOA”.

“The 60 per cent for SPLM-IG  will amount to the specific number of 211 Generals and Brigadier Generals, and 30 per cent of SPLM-IO translated to a specific number of 106 Generals and Brigadier Generals, while 10 per cent of SSOA will be equivalent to specific number of 33 Generals and Brigadier Generals its will make a total number of 350 positions,” he explained.

Lul stated that the opposition generals will be divided in all the organisational structures of the South Sudan Defense Forces.

“In the office of the Inspector General, we have a total of 13 positions, SPLM-IG will take its positions, SPLM-IO will take 4 positions, and SSOA will take 1 position.”

Major Gen. Lul said in the office of the assistant chief of defence force for administrative and finance there are a total of 33 positions – the SPLM-IG will take 2- posts SPLM-IO ten posts and SSOA taking the other ten.

He said all these numbers will be deployed to different units in addition, “We are waiting from the peace parties of SPLM-IO, SSOA to submit a list of their generals and brigadier generals to absorb them into the national army,”

In the same context Gen, Lul stated that the Chief of Defence Force had directed a committee to draft a budget to facilitate of deployment of the unified forces.

“The deployment process for the forces will be mixed, as forces from the Equatoria regions will be deployed in Bahr el Ghazal, and forces from the Bahr el Ghazal will be deployed in Upper Nile, and so on,” he explained.

 Quota for sharing positions

-60 per cent for SPLM-IG

– 30 per cent for SPLM-IO

-10 per cent for SSOA

-211 generals and brigadier Generals for SPLM-IG

106 generals and brigadier generals for SPLM-IO

33 generals and brigadier generals for SSOA