Pastor Geri: ‘One-man-church’ pastor who claims there is no Covid and too broke to marry

Pastor Geri: ‘One-man-church’ pastor who claims there is no Covid and too broke to marry
Pastor Geri Samuel Geri preaching at Juba University [Photo: Courtesy]

Geri Samuel was born in Yei, Central Equatoria State, grew up in a refugee camp in Uganda, once entertained the dream of being a journalist before settling for the gospel.

In the corridors of primary and secondary schools, Geri developed a passion for journalism. In his dream, he saw himself on the lecture halls of Makerere University and reporting for the BBC. These dreams, however, went up in the air after he failed to raise the college fee.

Fast-forward to 2022, he is now on the streets -preaching the word of God. From marketplaces to hospitals, and lately in prisons – Geri is literally and literary everywhere!

His rather unorthodox evangelism started on September 24, 2021, when he reportedly had a dream. He told this writer that while he was deep asleep, he had a series of dreams instructing him to read particular bible verses.

“When I woke up, I opened the bible and Isaiah 49, 56, 58, 60, 61, 62 and John 3. All these pointed to creation of a new church. Clearly, this was a responsibility I had been given by God. “There could be no two ways about it,” he said.

Convinced that this was a call from God, Samuel Geri—now Samuel Geri Israel—thought it wise to start preaching by the roadsides, in schools, hospitals, and in people’s homes.

He mulls over the possibility of opening a church. Limited funds have made this dream unrealisable. But he had resolved to keep the faith and continue knocking on every door preaching the gospel.

Geri has tried his hand at different things with limited success. In most instances, he leaves them halfway.

Attempts on books

In 2018, for instance, he enrolled at Kampala University where he enrolled for a bachelor of procurement and logistics management program, but he had to discontinue because of lack of tuition fees and partly because of the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.

A decade earlier, he had tried his hand at farming in Kapoeta, as well as starting an NGO that would empower the community and be self-sufficient in food production. However, he would abandon this course a year later and return to Juba.

“When things were not working for me in Kapoeta I left there in 2009 and came to Juba and forget about what happened there” he confessed

“When I came to Juba, I worked with local companies to earn a leaving” he added

However, he would continue with the struggle in Juba where he established a primary school in Nyakuron. Once again things went south as soon as he set up shop. This time round, it was the landlord who changed mind and was no longer keen on having his establishment converted into a school.

“I was about to get uniform for the kids, but unfortunately, the lord told me that I should leave the place, then I had to send the students to other schools near us,” he said

Still, he did not give up but rather joined the famous security company by then the KASS in 2013, worked for one year, and left due to some issues with his boss whom he claimed felt bad because of his hard work in the company. 

“There was one of the officers who was not happy with me he sends me a warning letter and I was annoyed and left that work,” he said. 

He later joined VGS Security Company, where he currently holds a senior position but left due to some reasons that he prefers not to disclose.

Why I am unmarried

Without giving details as to when, Pastor Geri confesses that he had a plan to settle down and start a family. Unfortunately, money came between him and this ambition. He just could not raise enough to pay dowry and establish his family.

“I wanted to get some money so that I could get married and stay a happy life but you know, what I put in is not coming up. When I am about to achieve something, a problem or two spring up from nowhere. This is what has rendered me a senior bachelor,” he says.

He quickly moves to something else, and this has to do with submission to the Almighty God to stay away from the devil and his temptations.

He calls on believers to come to the House of Prayer for All Nations and get spiritual nourishment.

“Everyone is coming to my church, and it is going to grow big because many people like the truth. If you like the truth, come to my church,” he says.