Parties urged to shun political defections

Parties urged to shun political defections
CEPO’s Edmund Yakani in a recent press conference. [File photo]

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation, Edmund Yakani, is urging the parties to the agreement to stop condoning political defections.

“We must bring to an end this act of supporting and facilitating defections because defections impress nothing except gun clashes that cause more harm to society and to communities,” he said.

His statement came after the SPLM-IG announced the defection of 119 members of the SPLM-IO and the advanced Agwelek team last Friday.

 “This act of defection needs to be understood by every actor that supports it, facilitates it, entertains it, or has a sharp appetite for it… is an act of holding the country hostage to violence,” he said.

He further stressed that “the leadership of the country should not reward people who cause harm, and they entertain defections as a strategy of renewing political affiliations and trying tactics of buying political rewards.”

 He said everybody had witnessed the proxy war in Upper Nile State and how much harm it had caused to the population, especially in the Shilluk Kingdom.

 “It is causing great harm to peace and stability in the country, and it is making some parts of our country and its citizens suffer as if they are not South Sudanese. They need to enjoy peace and stability in the country.”